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August 14, 2008

Fly-by-night auto repairs

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Just a couple of posts ago I showed images of a new auto repair shop right next door to the Kangan Batman TAFE campus on Second Life.

Funny thing. It has already gone!

What can I say, apart from “watch this space.”


July 17, 2008

I spoke too soon!

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In a previous post titledĀ No need for a car in SecondĀ Life I was excited that a car park was replaced by lawn in Second Life. What was I thinking! There’s no escaping the all pervasive car culture.

They dug up the car park to build a car repair shop or something along those lines:

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, that’s what I always say, so I have decided to give Dante’s Auto all my motor racing team business.

June 20, 2008

No need for a car in Second Life

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With the Victorian Government about to buckle to the car lobby by building yet more road tunnels at the expense of meaningful public transport, it is refreshing to find a place where you can go anywhere without having to hop into a carbon fueled conveyance.

That is why I was surprised that Kangan Batman TAFE had a car park outside its virtual facility. I surmised it was to do with the fact that Kangan is the largest provider of automotive training in the State. Perhaps students were about to work on virtual cars.

But then suddenly, the next time I visited, the car park had been replaced by lawn.

Is this the beginning of a greener future? I guess you have to start somewhere.

May 16, 2008

Motor sports at KBT Second Life

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One of the amazing things about the KBT Second Life campus is that you can pull up outside in your Ferrari, but if that’s not enough, why not drive right in! Now, where is that library! I’ve got one giant hunk of realia to show them.

May 14, 2008

New Kangan Batman TAFE Campus in Second Life

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Here I am in Second Life relaxing outside Kangan Batman TAFE’s latest campus. As yet there isn’t even one stick of furniture inside, however things are moving. If you hover above the modern building you will notice a helipad. As there is no need for mechanical transport devices in Second Life I assume this is something to do with KBT’s aerospace activities.

For further information go to, ignoring the grammatical faux pas in the link.

April 21, 2008

Mobile library travels to Second Life

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The current fascination with “retro” can create new interest in an idea or style from the recent past.

With the shift to everything mobile, we can re-introduce the evergreen mobile library into new environments such as Second Life. This can be done in a visual form that would induce waves of nostalgia in the purple rinse CWA* set and a snigger from others who see the pun.

But would such a move be practical?

Many libraries have created massive free-standing structures, ghettoing themselves on an archipelago of Information Islands and creating events with authors and celebrities to attract visitors.

In this mobile age, the edifice may have had its day – particularly for the type of Second Life applications educational institutions have in mind. If students are participating in an activity – for example training to serve customers in a shop – they don’t want to teleport to a library on another corner of the island just to look something up. We should be aware of what is being taught in the virtual world and have everything already loaded up before we park ourselves at the edge of the class, offering access to exciting relevant resources.

The most common mode of presenting information is the good old noticeboard with embedded links, which open up in other windows, leaving the student cognizant of the classroom activities.

To best add value, this may be all we need. Simply upload the information and have it accessible somewhere in view. And if a library staff member is available to assist, all the better.

The key to all of this though is the availability of good PCs and decent bandwidth. The 512 MB RAM machines which are still floating around just won’t do the trick. Seamless access demands appropriate technology, otherwise there’s no point in even trying.

*Country Women’s Association

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