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March 20, 2009

Booze lovers rejoice: your lifestyle remains intact.

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Yes – it is now out in the open for all to see: The Conceptual Librarian likes the plonk! This is a recent receipt for a four-pack of Lemon Ruskis with the now outlawed alcopops tax included.

I paid the tax, so why isn’t the Government refunding it to me? Why give it to the folks who have already made their profits? All that the distillers and their middle men did was to collect the tax.

And they plan to give this windfall to their stooge organization DrinkWise to advocate “responsible” drinking. DrinkWise Australia promotes itself as an independent body but its 11 member board contains six representatives from the alcohol industry.

DrinkWise doesn’t need that sort of money. It is already doing a magnificent job in warning people who are trying for a baby or are pregnant not to drink, as well as explaining the law as to who is allowed to drink and how much. Their TV ad is really quite good, but it is designed to promote a dynasty of drinkers who have a fridge stocked full of beer. The message in the ad is:

“Kids form their attitude to alcohol long before they have a drink themselves, from their most important role model: you.”

Check out the ad here.

Those who don’t drink think: yuk, this is horrible, but those who do will be comforted by the message that their children and grandchildren, etc. will grow up like them – pissing on and having fun with their buddies in the backyard.

This sentimentality brings a tear to one’s eye just like Harry Chapin’s song “Cats In The Cradle & The Silver Spoon:”

“And as I hung up the phone it occurred to me,
He’d grown up just like me.
My boy was just like me.”

I’m happy with the Greens proposal for Alcopops tax to ‘substitute alcohol sponsorship of sport’.

“We’ve calculated $60 million is spent on sponsorship of sport and we believe the Government should be progressively replacing that sponsorship by much more healthy promotion messages, rather than alcohol-based messages.”

This figure may vastly underestimate the actual sum:

“Sports Sponsorship is worth about $1.25 billion a year nationwide” [Alcohol ads wet whistle of youth sport clubs]

The $300,000,000 would be a good start.

There’s no point in employing an army of pen pushers to trawl through credit card records and other receipts to identify those who actually paid the tax. Unlike the people in the DrinkWise ads, some of us may actually be happy to bankroll projects to encourage less drinking.

Perhaps money could also be syphoned off to libraries to assist in the development of more balanced collections in relation to alcohol so that libraries can be in the vanguard of this strand of political correctness.

The dichotomies of Dewey make sure that the beer brewer and spirit distiller [663.4, 663.5] or the wine lover [641.22] will never serendipitously come across material on alcohol abuse and crime [362.292] or the disastrous health effects of alcoholism [616.86].

With the assistance of government funding we can value add by constructing pathfinders and marketing campaigns which link all elements of the alcohol debate, not just for students, but even for those fun loving characters in the DrinkWise ads.


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  1. I love to read your site. You really capture the essence and the craziness of it all. I hope you don’t mind. I put a rss on my page.

    Comment by James Norman — May 18, 2009 @ 10:47 pm | Reply

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