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February 1, 2009

How the Perverts of Wall St. can redeem themselves

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What do you make of this? Whilst the economy burns the CEOs of Wall St. pay themselves $20 billion in bonuses possibly funded by Federal bailout money.

Yep. They rack up trillions in losses yet don’t bat an eyelid when they syphon off vast amounts of tax payers’ money which has been placed into their management to revive the economy. I’m not surprised President Obama is hot under the collar on this issue.

But creepy and greedy as these activities are, there is an opportunity for redemption.

Public libraries around the country – and right around the globe – are crying out for funding as many of their parent bodies put the squeeze on, particularly during this economic downturn. A $20 billion (+ interest) donation from the weazels of Wall St. is exactly the shot in the arm libraries need to re-energize their collections and services.

The CEOs could further distance themselves from their contemptuous actions by participating in public lecture tours steeped in self criticism (old Soviet Union style). Talking points could include:

“I would’ve got away with it under the old guy, but we don’t want to do business that way any more.”


“I’m responsible for all you folks losing your jobs and homes. Come live in my luxury hotel-sized mansion.”

The $20 billion I’m talking about is bonus money, paid on top of their already exorbitant salaries. It is money taken out of the weekly paychecks of ordinary workers – those who don’t have the power or shiftiness to move all their money into some sleazy tax haven they share with mobsters and arms dealers.

The challenge is simple. Don’t hide the loot. Put it to good use. Invest it in the future by improving access to information today. Empower our citizens by showering public libraries with your endowments, and as the effects of your actions have been global – donate globally – particularly to the developing world.

This of course is an oversimplification of a complex situation, but those to whom this is aimed will get the gist of the argument and hopefully they’ll act appropriately.


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