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July 9, 2008

A staff wiki/blog on the intranet

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The time has come to accept that having all the library’s key operational information in files and folders on a network drive is synonymous with “I couldn’t be bothered trying to look it up.” The simple answer to this communications dilemma is a library staff wiki on the institute intranet. There are plenty of free open source wikis waiting out there to be loaded up by the open source aficionado lurking for just this chance in the IT department.

The reason I prefer an open source solution is that it would be hosted on our own servers, there won’t be any ads, no-one else would have access to it AND it’s free. The only issue is the question of whether the IT department will support it. Also we would have to chose software which has stood the test of time and will be supported by the open source community into the future.

Wiki or blog? that is the question. I suspect that by the time we finish this foray into the world of Web 2.0 we will have had a lot of experience with blogs, but the solution to our information issues depend upon what we want to do.

To organize our information on the network drive in a web based manner, it might be more appropriate to use a wiki, though blogs are quite versatile as well. We would have to run a test to see how we would best want to structure our information.

For important news (of course), you can’t go past email which is in your face.


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