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June 17, 2008

My Wiki Wiki Ways

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 Wikipedia has become an opportunity lost.

Originally it was full of fascinating articles infused with freshness and daring, but the editors’ push for recognition of their product as “authoritative” has turned Wikipedia into nothing but another online encyclopedia.

Just try to make amendments these days. Gatekeeping stooges will eliminate your anxiously sweated over contribution within 24 hours, citing trivial and inane excuses to justify their conservatism and subservience to the orthodoxy.

Take the example of me adding a link to my dream material at the bottom of their article on dreams. First of all, quite innocently, I add a link to my article about dreams and parallel universes.

While it was there, I had numerous hits from people disillusioned by the unsubstantiated crap the experts come out with. Then suddenly my link is gone!

What is this? I wondered. Luckily it is easy to check the log:

 Every time I added my link it was removed virtually the next day. If an external link is not the place to “introduce a fringe theory” I don’t know where that would be. I didn’t want to rain on their parade in the main article, but I suspect it is time to write a whole article on the topic with references to some of my published articles to give the impression that it’s legit.

On the other hand, for those who refuse to accept defeat, the self same wiki technology used by Wikipedia is available for all. This means we’ve been shafted by Wikipedia’s faceless men for the last time.

Adieu Wikipedia! And watch out for the iceberg fellas!

P.S. The key is – don’t take it to heart. They aren’t out to crush our ideas, they’re only interested in secondhand knowledge.


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