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May 23, 2008

Living in a house of cards

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As someone who likes to have a certain level of control over the things I do, I am understandably nervous about elements of Web 2.0.

What, for example, would I do if WordPress suddenly went out of business and the bailiff switched off the juice, turning all my precious ramblings into an absolute nothing? Actually I’d probably be doing some shelf reading instead of writing this.

In the early days of the web I had a site on Geocities which after a few years was taken over by Yahoo! and eventually when the need for free web-hosting diminished went into disrepair.

I also had material on Vicnet, but when they changed their policies I was squeezed out, though not before my beautiful graphic at the top of the page was replaced by a banner ad. Incidentally every public library was given an area to upload information and way back then I posted a dream essay which is still available to read after 12 years at Massive databases like Vicnet are incredibly difficult to clean up so who knows how long that page will float around. If you check out another ancient local government site, e.g., you can see what someone at the City of Kingston Information and Library Service was experimenting with in 1997.

When Yahoo! purchased Flickr, they moved my photos from the Yahoo! photo sharing platform to Flickr. But what if there is no takeover?

Because I found that screenshots uploaded to WordPress look like crap, most of the images on this blog are actually hosted on a wiki at If that wiki goes down so does this blog.

Many Web 2.0 services are successful because they are an amalgam of programs made more spectacular when integrated on the one site. See the Wikepedia article on mashups.

Because of its non-hierarchical architecture, the internet would be very difficult to destroy. The modern Web 2.0 applications have an increased interdependence, which could resurrect the domino theory, unless the giants swallow up everything.


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  1. Hah! What a concept. Aint it glorious how big business just keeps getting bigger, and we the small guys just keep disappearing one by one somewhere on the wayside. I noticed the same thing happening to big rig truckers. It also happened to me as a plumbing contracter. Good news we keep finding ways to hang around. Nice Piece! Keep up the good work. James

    Comment by James Norman — May 7, 2009 @ 9:01 am | Reply

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